We Believe in God But We Aren't Close to Him

Video Clip Transcript:


 Usually on these Sunday mornings we study the book of Romans. But last Sunday we finished chapter 14 and I just sensed that God wanted us to share some things that concern a lot of us. It's this. Don't you think that many of us have very little awareness of God through the week? I mean don't you think that many of us here have very little feeling that God is close to us, Monday through Friday? You can be going through your day at work and there are many of us who really don't even think of God. We certainly don't feel that He is very close to us.

We feel it on Sunday here when we worship. Or I think all of us feel it at funerals or at significant crisis moments in our lives. But through the ordinary workday week many of us don't have very much sense that God is really there or is really alive. It's strange when you think of it because I don't know that any of us have any doubt that he's there. I don't think any of us have any doubt that He exists.

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