Are We Evading God?

Video Clip Transcript:


We don't have a tremendous sense of awareness that He is there. We can't feel Him. We can't sense Him. We don't know what He is thinking about. We aren't very aware of Him, that's just it and yet we know all this -- that He is looking at every step. He is watching every step and He knows the next step that we should take and yet we ourselves are not very aware of Him. In fact, do you not think we're a bit with God like we are with a coach or an old school teacher that finds us doing something that they wouldn't approve of?

I mean, we may see them across the store or we may see them across the restaurant but we know they wouldn't approve of what we're doing and so we evade their glance, look away and pretend that we didn't see them. Is this lack of awareness of God not connected with that kind of feeling? We know He sees us but frankly, we'd rather He didn't. We know He can see everything we're doing, everything we're thinking and everything we're saying, but really we wish He didn't and so we are kind of evasive.
We deliberately avoid the thought that He's there. And is it not true that we engage in a willing deception that God can't actually see me every moment. He isn't with me every moment.

As we engage in that deception and that evasion and that kind of guilt that we feel that we're actually avoiding Him and we're not being direct with Him and clean with Him, we then begin to sense a great separation between Him and us. And that's why we feel that distance from Him through the day. Because we're actually evading Him in our hearts about the way we live our lives.

And so intellectually, we know it's all true. God is there. He sees all our steps. He has everything planned. But in our hearts, our consciences, our emotions, and our spirits, we are actually engaged in evading Him. We evade His eyes because we know we aren't actually like Him and there are a thousand ways in which we know we are offending Him.

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