Do You Act Like God Isn't There?

Video Clip Transcript:


We deliberately avoid the thought that He's there. And is it not true that we engage in a willing deception that God can't actually see me every moment. He isn't with me every moment. As we engage in that deception and that evasion and that kind of guilt that we feel that we're actually avoiding Him and we're not being direct with Him and clean with Him, we then begin to sense a great separation between Him and us. And that's why we feel that distance from Him through the day. Because we're actually evading Him in our hearts about the way we live our lives. And so intellectually, we know it's all true. God is there. He sees all our steps. He has everything planned. But in our hearts, our consciences, our emotions, and our spirits, we are actually engaged in evading Him. We evade His eyes because we know we aren't actually like Him and there are a thousand ways in which we know we are offending Him.

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