What is My Difficulty in Feeling Close to God?

Video Clip Transcript:


Of course you get into a "catch 22" because you say, "Well, I can't be close to God until I become like Him, and I can't become like Him until I get close to Him."  Loved ones, is that not why many of us through the workaday world that we live in, Monday through Friday, have great difficulty feeling any awareness of God? It's connected up with our own attitudes, our own feeling of evasiveness and our own feeling that "Well, there's no other way. Let's face it. I am not what would please Him. I am not what He likes. He may love me but I don't see how He'd have anything to do with me. And I certainly haven't the confidence to go before Him."
It's a bit the same as when you do something wrong and then you try to approach your mother or your father or your colleague or your boss and there's just an uncertainty in your heart and a shakiness. You just haven't the confidence. You might say you haven't the faith to be open with him and therefore of course you miss all the fellowship and the friendship of that person. It's like that with many of us.

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